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Developing Future Building Codes and Design for Low-Energy H

PDO Ras Al Hamra Development Project (RAHDP), driven by sustainability, has deployed various building techniques and materials to ensure the ultimate building performance in energy consumption and comfort. These initiatives range from choices of external building envelope Rapid hardening wall with Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS), Light Gauge Steel (LGS) with rock wool, Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) frame with Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks and Double-glazed windows. In some cases, single hollow block walls, and cavity double wall with insulations.


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Design Concepts of Downhole Robotic

Recently downhole robots started playing a major role in carrying the testing instruments down to the desired position in the Well There are a number of leading companies that have been developing this technology since decades such as SONDEX Downhole tractor 1 Bidirectional tractor 2 designed by the SmarTract Robotic Downhole Tractor RDT and the WellTect tractor 3 There are a number of challenging issues in building the downhole robot the robot must be able to work in very complex environment in the presence of high temperature high pressure the diameter of the Well is very small 2 4 in with depth that can go to 4000 m In this proposal a feasibility study I presented that outlines making a robot that can be used during well drilling completion and intervention or well workover activities and helps the oil Well in optimizing the production levels and maintaining a continuous flow from a reservoir The study consists of conducting an investigation on the existing technology and come up with different conceptual designs out of which the best one will be selected based on a number of defined criteria such as the solution should have a low cost with a simple design it can be easily adjusted to a range of Well diameter varying between 2 and 4 in The robot must be able to carry on instruments it can be easily manufactured from available components and materials The use of Downhole tools on the robot helps in minimizing the cost involved in performing oil recovery related activities from an oil well and help in improving the life of an oil well and thus improving the continuous flow of fluid The objectives of this project are To make a preliminary design feasibility study and build a Downhole Robot prototype that meet the requirements as per the specs of the proof of concept of the robotic tool pipe size payload Well temperature pressure etc Build the setup experiment for testing the robot performance Optimize the design and make recommendations


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Salt waste monetization

The current practice of ARA E&P is to evaporate the water in evaporation ponds in QAM site which result in the accumulation of salts. ARA realized that there was a need to study different sustainable techniques that can generate value out of monetizing wasted salts. ARA E&P conducted several workshops internally and externally and business technology mapping to identify where ARA stands in terms of water & waste management. The results from these sessions indicated that there is potential to exploit these salts. Samples were then collected from the evaporation ponds and sent to the lab for further analysis.

Research Information Managment System

RIMS provides details on researchers, publications and researches with the opportunity to submit and track the status of their research proposal application online. There are three main ways of accessing the information. Its open for use by researchers from institutes affiliated with the ministry of higher education scientific research and innovation. Any non-affiliated institution with a number of researchers employed may submit an official request to join RIMS.

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Ejaad is a membership-based virtual collaborative platform where industry, academia and government can interact and engage in energy-related research and innovation activities. It works as an enabler or a marketplace that connects academic research and know-how to industry needs, and vice versa.

Oman Research and Education Network (OMREN) is a central part of a sustainable infrastructure that contributes to the emergence of an effective national innovation ecosystem. It provides the research and education community in the Sultanate of Oman with a common network and collaboration infrastructure adapted to their needs.

Electronic database of research, studies, journal articles, abstracts research, Omani specialized academic statistics, and innovation materials that were written or compiled in the Sultanate of Oman and viewed on a specific website (indexed and classified according to the modern systems base) in order to ease the access and utilization of researchers and innovators and to clarify the role of the institutions and responsible bodies for the dissemination and issuance.

Mawarid is a collaborative organization for advancing the sustainable use of animal and plant genetic resources through education, research and innovation. Our aim is to create value for society from genetic resources.

Is a web-based system designed to support operations for centralized laboratories and shared resource facilities. It allows researchers to submit requests for reserving specific resources and services electronically. The system allows real-time management of reservation requests and provides financial billing. This national service aims to centralize and list all local equipment and facilities to efficiently utilize available resources and optimize research activities.

Masader is the brand name of the Oman Virtual Science Library, which provides seamless and affordable access to a wealth of global research material. Membership of the Oman Research and Education Network (OMREN) makes Masader available to universities, technical colleges, and other Oman-based institutions engaged in education and scientific research.



Taawun is a platform which makes it easy to communicate and collaborate with research groups and researchers Developing ideas with range of interested people and organizations. Sharing information between them. Can be Integrated with WebEx, Zoom and MS Team for creating webinars and meetings.

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